Today I’ve been thinking a lot about my future. This is nothing new to me, I am a Pisces after all. I often get so wrapped up thinking, worrying, dreaming about what future Amy’s life will look like that I forget about present Amy. I forget that present Amy needs her brain to remain in the present. If her mind is always so far off in the future living its best life, then how is Amy ever going to make her dreams a reality?

I often forget that in order to achieve my dreams, I have to do the work now. Silly, right? Like, hey Amy, you can’t just think yourself into a role as editor-in-chief. God, I wish it was that easy.

The truth is, I’m pretty terrified about the future. Nothing scares me more than the thought that I won’t become a magazine editor in New York, that I won’t achieve my dreams. Scary. So I go into a cozy corner of my brain, where my imagination takes me to New York City and plants me in the sky-scrapping offices of Vogue or InStyle.

My imagination never lets me down. It takes me exactly where I want to go exactly when I want to be there. It bypasses the unfortunate, but mandatory rights-of-passage. There’s no living with 14 other roommates in a cramped Manhattan apartment just so I can afford to live my life as an editor and still manage to feed myself and my cat.

In my mind, I’m already living in my Brooklyn loft, enjoying my morning coffee while reading the New York Times. And my cat’s tummy is full of Fancy Feast and she’s basking in the sunshine as it rises over her cat hammock.

In my mind, I’m wearing a fresh pair of jeans from the dryer (a dryer that’s in my apartment), a crisp white tee, and I’ve slipped on my Gucci slides before heading out the door to my office. I swipe on red lipstick from Dior as I hail a cab and make my way to Manhattan.

It’s so nice here in my mind. And it’s so scary to return my brain to present Amy. She’s just going to use it to worry that the future Amy she can see so clearly won’t exist. And that’s scary.

amy cries in nyc

Past Amy crying at the top of the Empire State Building. Pure joy.




I used to live in all black. Colour was the enemy and I only felt comfortable in the darkest of shades.

And when it came to decor, well white was all I was interested in. White walls, white sheets, white desk chair; you get it. Sans colour was the only way to decorate as far as I was concerned.

And then one day, something very strange happened. I bought some colourful sweaters.





Here is the first instalment of a series all about inspiration.

Being inspired is such a lovely feeling. I enjoy spending time looking at images that feel so much like me, they make me feel complete.

Below are just a few of my favourite pictures, and I would like to thank their creators.

Thanks for giving me something to swoon over and be moved by.

BeFunky Collage



If you’re anything like me, you have spent the majority of your life searching for ways to get that perfect, healthy glow. And if you’re really like me, you certainly aren’t about to actually eat well and exercise in order to, like, glow from the inside out or whatever.

And that’s why we thank our lucky stars that highlighting products have hit the mainstream. But if you find yourself lost in a sea of sparkly creams and powders, you’re in luck, my like-minded friends. I have done the research, tried the products, and I’m glad to say I have finally found the keys to a highlight that’ll knock your socks off.

It’s a two step procedure involving 1. Glossier Haloscope and 2. Milk Holographic Powder.