I used to live in all black. Colour was the enemy and I only felt comfortable in the darkest of shades.

And when it came to decor, well white was all I was interested in. White walls, white sheets, white desk chair; you get it. Sans colour was the only way to decorate as far as I was concerned.

And then one day, something very strange happened. I bought some colourful sweaters.



I got my first taste of colour and I’m never going back. My eyes are drawn to colourful buildings and clothes and I can’t stop mourning over the years I’ve lost striving to live my life on the grey scale.




In light of this revelation, I thought I would share some colourful snaps of Edmonton that I’ve gathered recently.

I hope these bring you joy and a smile to that pretty face of yours.

And let me know, are you also a recent convert to the colourful side?










Have a super day.


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